unadulterated faff

About Me


Hi, my name is Elliott Indiran. I work as a software engineer and computational linguist in the San Francisco Bay Area; since 2015 I’ve been working for Promptu, a small voice recognition company based out of Menlo Park.

I’m a big fan of free and open-source software, particularly software licensed using permissive licenses; many of my projects are available under the MIT license. I have also contributed to a few open-source projects, most notably Coconut, a functional language which compiles to Python.

Prior to coming to the Bay Area in 2015, I studied linguistics at the University of Chicago (BA’2015, Linguistics). My main academic interests surround the intersection of natural language and computer science.


I am interested in the quantified self movement and discovering ways of using data to improve my life. In 2016, some friends and I cofounded Sitrus, a platform for managing and analyzing quantified self data. Our current project is developing a light-weight, privacy-focused app for mood tracking and journaling, which is now available for iPhone and Android.

About this site

I started this blog in 2019, as a way to collect and flesh-out my thoughts. It is made with Jekyll, using a modified version of the Jekyll Minima theme. The name of the blog comes from “faff”, British slang for trivial or pointless messing around.