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Autohiding XFCE panels

I was browsing Hacker News today and saw a post about a new release for the Linux desktop environment XFCE. I have been using XFCE for quite a while now, so I am excited about some of the new features around panels, and thought I would share a script for toggling the autohide and autohide behavior properties of an XFCE panel. The script was originally based on a snippet found on the XFCE wiki on the Tips & Tricks page, which you can see here.

Currently, I only use two panels, both of which are visible in all workspaces. The first is the standard taskbar at the top of the screen, which is general kept in an autohide=false state. I also keep a panel in the bottom right of my screen that monitors system resources so that I can get a rough sense of what’s going on without needing to open up htop by mousing over the panel location: Demonstration of mousing over the resource-monitor panel

The autohide script is shown below:

To invoke the script, place it somewhere on your path and run: autohide_panel.sh -p <panel ID> -a <autohide behavior level>

You can find the panel ID of each panel by opening the XFCE settings menu for Panel, and using the dropdown menu to identify the correct panel. The panel ID is the panel’s index in this list.

Finding the panel ID

The autohide behavior level is controlled by the -a flag, which takes an integer 0, 1, or 2: