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Fixing the tiny Finder bug on macOS

A few days ago, I noticed that there was a tiny, tiny little Finder window on the second desktop of my laptop, which runs macOS High Sierra. As cute as it is, it started to be quite irritating to me, as I like the desktop to be empty.

Tiny finder window

I had tried a few different things to fix the issue including changing the number of desktop screens, changing the background, changing the way icons appear on the desktop and restarting the machine. I found a bug report of the issue, which apparently has persisted in more recent releases of macOS, including Catalina. The ‘fix’ isn’t quite a fix, as the issue can return at random, but its simple enough that the issue isn’t too painful. Simply close and restart the Finder app, by pressing Alt and right-clicking the Finder icon, then selecting Relaunch from the pop-up menu.

Closing finder

Hopefully Apple will deign to finally address this in a future release, but I won’t be holding my breath.